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Special Group Tours specializes in UK and European destinations, small group special interest tours. We are a member of several tourism associations, our fellow tour operator members also specializing in regional destinations. Together, wherever you want to travel in the world, we've got you covered!


On our popular tour themes, there are of course so many opportunities across the vast nation of USA.




Book your adventure of a lifetime with confidence...with someone who has been there.


With Special Group Tours, you gain not only from over twenty years experience in the travel industry but also the insider knowledge of someone who’s been there, ‘walked the walk,’ traveling the hard road so you won’t have to. Our SGT team has traveled extensively on 6 continents - and we are plotting a expedition to Antarctica as soon as we can find the time!


Your holiday can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you choose on your custom designed itineraries as they are built to suit your individual needs. Alternatively, you can choose to join a scheduled departure and hopefully meet some new friends along the way!


Now, we haven’t been everywhere...but we are working on it! Special Group Tours is proud to offer our clients the benefits of our personal travel experiences as well as the quality services of our tour operator partners who specialized in providing travel services in all parts of the world. Together, wherever you want to travel in the world, we can help you get there.


We have put together a selection of fine USA themed tours for your consideration. Maybe follow the Literary Trail of New England; the Quilts of the Underground Railroad; enjoy the wineries of Northern CA; pay respects to the pioneers of the Women's Rights Movement in Upstate New York or the Civil Rights Heroes across the Southern States; explore the Arabic heritage of Dearborn, the Quakers of Philadelphia or the Jewish heritage of the Lower East Side; celebrate the rich diverse fabrics of New Orleans or New York or LA; "pray to" music legends in music studio "cathedrals" in Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis or Muscle Shoals...Anything you can dream of, please discuss it with us and we can take you there!


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SGT World Ventures: USA Tours
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New Orleans, Memphis & the Mississippi Delta Blues, also celebrating the Civil Rights Heroes of the Freedom Trail

Custom trip - As you please!

It is not possible to walk through New Orleans' French Quarter without a musical rhythm in your step. The city drips with its unique and vibrant swirl of French, African and American cultures, evident in the food, rich music scene and friendliness of the locals.


Mississippi is a unique intersection of history, culture and the arts. In the Delta, blues is a way of life that touches everyone. So ingrained is blues music here that it permeates every particle of Delta dirt. As the B.B. King Museum states on its website, "From the cotton fields, street corners and juke joints...considered by many to be the only truly indigenous American music, this form that has influenced musicians worldwide is deeply rooted in Delta soil." You don't just hear the blues, somehow it’s something you can see, taste, touch and certainly one can feel it down to your bones.


Poignant reminders of a difficult past to help us shape a better future together


Mississippi was a crucial battleground in the American Civil Rights Movement. The Freedom Trail was created to commemorate Mississippi’s role in the fight for Civil Rights, to appreciate those brave individuals that fought for justice and equality for all. Although some of the darker aspects of the state’s past are brought to light, the trail is in place to foster hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow. To date, markers have been placed in honor of Fannie Lou Hamer, Medgar Evers and other pioneers as well as pivotal locations such as Bryant’s Grocery, where young Emmett Till's whistle initiated his murder, an event which most consider the catalyst of the modern Civil Rights Movement.


Memphis is the cradle of the blues, soul and rock n' roll but also a centre for gospel, funk, jazz and r&b. The bright lights of Beale Street and the promise of stardom have lured musicians since the early 1900s and the traditional continues - from WC Handy to B.B. King and Elvis to Stax and the voices of the Civil Rights Movement through today. The city is also a place of pilgrimage on the Freedom Trail, particularly the Lorraine Motel where the world lost the great Dr King. In Memphis, all threads weave together into a rich fabric of cultural history.