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The quality and variety of Scotland’s fishing is quite breathtaking. The very nature of the land allows you to fish some of the best waters in the world, surrounded by the most magnificent scenery in the world.


Often called the queen of salmon rivers, the River Tweed runs right through the heart of the Borders. Famous salmon pools with strange sounding names like Weetles, Galoshan and Carry Wiel attract anglers from all over the world to test their skills with rod and line.

The long season runs from February 1 to November 30 and during it more salmon are caught on the fly than any other British river. The Tweed is most famous for its autumn run of large fish, with a few fish even approaching the 30lb mark. The spring run is of smaller fish, but they are in mint condition and favored by the purist angler. Summer fish are generally slightly larger and, although difficult to catch in low water, can provide extremely good value fishing if there is a small rise in water.

  • Ghillies are provided by most beats to look after anglers, and they give invaluable help to the many beginners who try their hand each year. There is a wide choice of fishing available, with even the most famous beats having vacancies at some time or other during the year.

The Roxburghe Hotel is one of the finest fishing hotels in Scotland. It enjoys 3 fishing beats on The Roxburghe Estates, 2 on the River Tweed and 1 on the River Teviot, each allowing 4 rods per beat. Upper and Lower Floors on the River Tweed offer some of the best Salmon fishing in Scotland. Both beats are situated near Floors Castle. Sunlaws Beat on the River Teviot offers good fishing for both salmon and sea trout, conveniently situated beside The Roxburghe Golf Course, just a short walk from the hotel.

Seasons: The statutory season for salmon runs from mid-January-mid-October. No rod license is required in Scotland, but permits are required for salmon. There is no fishing on Sundays.

River Tweed

Fishing in Scotland is best on the River Tweed, in the Scottish border country. Not only does Tweed catch more Atlantic salmon than any other river in the European Union, but it also now ranks among the very top salmon rivers in the world. The best months (and most expensive) are in the Fall. Fishing is available from Monday through to Saturday (no Sunday fishing). Prices and availability of rods vary by season as well. Different parts of the Tweed offer better fishing opportunities, and therefore, command higher prices. If you want to spin, this is legally restricted to mid-Feb to mid-Sept., and only fly fishing is allowed during other months.

Tackle: Detailed advice on fishing tackle will be determined by the time of year and the location of the beat. When confirming your booking, the details will include the gillie’s name and phone number and he will be happy to advise you. General guidance: Fly rods: carbon fiber 14-16 ft. with an action suited to a double taper 10 or 11 line. Fly lines: Bring all your fly lines with you including a floating, an intermediate density and a full sinking density of the Wetcel 2 or Hardy Wetfly 2 type. Waders: Chest high. Flies: sizes 6 to 12 in spring and summer; 1.5″ to 2.5″ in autumn.

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A Day of Fishing Can Range From $200-$350

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